Primary Care in the Home or Assisted Living.

 U.S. population is aging.  It is estimated the roughly 75 million Americans who make up the baby boom generation are leading the country through yet another sweeping societal change. About 3 million baby boomers will hit retirement age every year for about the next 20 years.

New Era Wellness patient population include the medically fragile individual with multiple complex chronic health condition, and people with physical or mental disabilities.  If you are normally confined to the home or assisted living, or leaving your home or assisted living requires special equipment or help from others and considerable or taxing effort, you are semi-homebound to homebound. There is no greater desire than the desire to age in place.  It is New Era Wellness goal to assist with aging in place.

If you live in Baltimore/Metro area and wish to continue primary care in your home. 

Currently Servicing:

Baltimore County and City zip codes 21228,21229, 21207 and 21215

clients with medicare and/or medicaid

please note: New Era Wellness does not currently accept advantage plans or MCO's